About us

The province of Kwa-Zulu Natal with its cultural, historic and ethnic diversity, provides all the inspiration needed for any artist or designer of fabric and textiles.

It is the home of complex beaded jewellery in rainbow colours, as well as intricately woven art and craft in a palette of natural and vegetable dyed hues.  The headiness of spice with the jewel colours of the east, together with the influence provided by art deco buildings and baroque inspiration, provides us with a design and colour palette unique to this province.

Although always cognisant of up-to-date international colour and design trends, our collections are also driven by the need to offer lifestyle choices of comfort, quality and longevity, not least of all by our need to conserve, so wherever possible we prefer to work with natural or a blend of natural and man-made yarns.

Bella is manufactured from combed cotton yarns in thread counts of 200 and above, our collections comprise of embroidered and embellished bed linen as well as plain-dyed 100% cotton percale sheeting to complete the look. Bella collections encompass quality, attention to detail and an eye for design.

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